Barcaloungers Recliners Leather (Review & Buying Guide) 

BarcaLounger Longhorn ll Leather Recliner

This Barcaloungers recliners leather review and buying guide is presented to determine how these recliners fit your lifestyle. They are made by Barcaloungers which is a type of recliner that combines historical and contemporary design and has been manufactured by the Barcalo Manufacturing company in New York since 1940. Barcalounger has since become the most sought-after furniture brand due to its remarkable performance in making people appreciate each of their life’s moments.  

Surprisingly, these chairs are suitable for any location and occasion, and have been offering top comfort to consumers for over 80 years. The company has modified its furniture to incorporate up-to-date design and technology while maintaining its core focus on complete comfort. 

Best Barcaloungers Recliners Leather (Updated List) 

1BarcaLounger Longhorn ll Leather ReclinerBarcalounger Longhorn ll Leather Recliner Best overall 
2BarcaLounger Mission Manual Push Back Leather Recliner Chair Shoreham BlueBarcaloungers Mission Manual Push Back Leather Recliner Chair Shoreham Blue Excellent value chair with luxurious leather upholstery 
3Barcalounger Presidential Recliner - Wenlock-TawnyBarcalounger Prеѕidеntiаl Recliner – Wenlock-Tawny Sturdy construction with elegant and unique design 

Why You Should Buy Barcaloungers Recliners Leather 

With their assortment of upholstery, Barcalounger believes in allowing you enjoy life’s moments and promotes an attractive, functional, and pleasant living room. Their product lines are divided into four categories. 

  • Comfort 
  • Innovation 
  • Quality 
  • Luxury 

Each of these factors is critical when choosing furniture, but when all of them are combined, you have something truly unique that adds significant value to your home. This is when Barcalounger enters the picture. Barcaloungers specialize in designing beautiful furnishings for your living room with a traditional style and feel that provide maximum comfort for the consumer. 

What To Look for When Buying Barcaloungers Recliners Leather 

Everyone has different preferences on what is important or not when deciding on a Barcaloungers Recliners Leather, but I want to offer my opinion on the most important things that the Barcaloungers Recliners Leather should have. 


Barcaloungers are available for different purposes to suit all users by providing different comfort levels. You can have push-back or regular recliners, which makes a wide range of Barcalounger recliners. Just as their name suggests, you only need to push back and recline using your body weight.  

Also, rocker Barcaloungers are perfect for nursing mothers or people with sleep issues because of the back-and-forth motion that stimulates sleep. Still, the lift recliners come in handy for people with mobility problems. 


Here, you can choose between a manual or powered recliner. Manual recliners come with a simple lever apparatus that allows you to either release or catch. Conversely, powered recliners use a button on a remote or the recliner for an effortless recline.  


Commonly, Barcaloungers come in top-grain leather upholstery. However, there are still Faux leather and fabric upholstery options depending on your budget and preference. Still, you can look for the perfect color in the type of upholstery you want. 


Paying attention to dimensions ensures you choose a recliner that will be a perfect fit for both your body type and the space available. Ideally, it would help if you had your measurements ready to be able to choose correctly. Read in detail: Recliner Dimensions. 

Barcaloungers Recliners Leather Product Reviews 

Here are the reviews of the best Barcaloungers Recliners Leather: 

1) Barcalounger Longhorn ll Leather Recliner 

Barcaloungers Recliners Leather - BarcaLounger Longhorn ll Leather Recliner

The Longhorn II is one of the most comfortable recliners, living up to the Barcalounger’s high reputation. Despite the fact that it is more expensive than most Barcaloungers, the superior comfort levels are well worth the investment.  

The Longhorn, with its firm pillow seat and rolled cushions, will provide ultimate comfort, especially after a long day. The push-back arms make reclining more manageable, which is much better than fiddling with a lever. 

Aside from being extremely comfortable, the Longhorn Barcalounger has a sleek and distinctive design. It also has top-grain leather upholstery, which is resistant to dirt and stains while being less expensive than typical leather, as well as a rich Chaps Saddle color that complements both modern and traditional homes.  

It also includes an antique nail trim that adds to the chair’s and room’s beauty. Such wonderful attributes are guaranteed to transform a plain environment into something magnificent. 

Furthermore, the structure is noteworthy due to its long-term resilience.  

The mortise and tenon design of the hardwood plywood frames, as well as the bonded joints with corner blocks, give strength and stability to support the normal 285 pounds of maximum weight. 


  • Supreme comfort and support 
  • Easy operation 
  • Solid and stable construction 
  • Stunning design 


  • The cushion may be a bit stiff 

Read Our Ultimate Recliner Buying Guide: How to Choose a Recliner

2) Barcalounger Mission Manual Push Back Leather Recliner Chair Shoreham Blue 

Barcaloungers Recliners Leather - BarcaLounger Mission Manual Push Back Leather Recliner Chair Shoreham Blue

You’re more likely to think of comfortable rec rooms from your youth than magnificent Arts and Crafts era-inspired furniture when you hear Barcalounger that is, until you see this mission-style recliner. The comfort element of your favorite worn-in recliners is captured in the form of an attractive mission-style chair in this piece. 

We adore the luxurious leather upholstery and can totally see ourselves curled up in this chair with a nice book. If you’re searching for an excellent value chair with proven all-day comfort, this is a good choice. 


  • Three color options  
  • Sturdy construction 
  • Leather upholstery 


  • Low weight cap 

3) Barcalounger Prеѕidеntiаl Recliner- Wenlock-Tawny 

Barcaloungers Recliners Leather -Barcalounger Presidential Recliner - Wenlock-Tawny

This Barcalounger Prеѕidеntiаl is the real deal when it comes to power and comfort in a chair. Top-grain leather, a button-tufted back, and accent brass nails round out the wing-back design, which is supported by four strong feet. 

It has enough capacity for suitable seating while remaining compact enough to not take up too much space in your room. From the custom-made button tufted back to the curved curled arms with welt accent nails trim to the loose box seat cushion with pocketed coil springs that assure support and comfort, not to mention the improved foam of feather down blend, the overall design is amazing. The leather upholstery is of excellent quality, and the piped stitching demonstrates great craftsmanship. 


  • Elegant and unique design 
  • Sturdy construction 
  • Exceptional comfort levels 
  • Effortless and convenient manual recliner 


  • Challenge in the reclining mode 

FAQ’ѕ about Barcaloungers Recliners Leather 

Do I really need a Mission-Style Recliner?

You are the most knowledgeable about your home and decorating taste. Sometimes the only item that will complete the design of a room is a mission-style recliner or another recliner with a comparable old-world charm. If you want additional furniture that does double duty and provides both design and relaxation, a recliner is a terrific option.

Q: How do you clean leather upholstery? 

A: Different types of leather make upholstery in furniture. Before you follow any guide on hоw tо clean leather uрhоlѕtеrу, ensure you know the kind of leather that your mission style recliner has. Some types of leather react with individual cleaning agents. To avoid ruining your recliner, use mild detergents that will not affect the material in any way. 

Q: How do you assemble a mission style recliner? 

A: Assembly procedures vary from one brand to the next. Some pieces do not require any assembly. Most sellers indicate if the unit you buy comes ready to use or if you need to set up. If you but a unit that involves assembly, then you must be up to the task. The manual that comes with the mission style recliner contains a manual with all the instructions you need. 

Q: How can I check the quality of the recliner? 

A: Any purchase made over the internet necessitates some investigation. Begin by reading the materials description attentively. For example, if you expect wood and a part of a chair turns out to be plastic, or if what you believed were genuine leather turns out to be imitation, you can find out by simply reading. Real user reviews can also be highly informative about the product’s quality, and they may even offer photographs to help you visualize how a recliner would appear in your house. 

Q: How do you maintain a wooden frame and armrests? 

A: To keep your mission style recliner looking good for a long time, you must know how to manage the wooden frame and armrests. Experts have differing opinions on how to care for wood furniture. The type of finish on your piece will solve this dilemma for you. When buying mission style recliners, always ask the seller for guidelines on how to care for them. 

Do not forget to ask about the wooden parts of the recliner since most people tend to overlook this aspect. Maintaining the wooden frame and armrests requires regular dusting and cleaning. This helps the piece maintain its original appearance. Cleaning with water is not advisable for wood unless the finish is plastic.  

Other than cleaning, you should polish the surface regularly to restore the original façade. Keep these areas away from exposure to external factors that could ruin them like humidity and bug infestations. 

In Conclusion 

Bаrсаlоungеr furniturе is often considered to be among the best created for the money. They have a long history of producing high-quality furniture that adds value to the customer’s experience, and they appear to be keeping their word. However, some of their less expensive items are now being imported from Asia, which has raised worries.  

While the majority of their products are still manufactured in the United States, check with your dealer to see whether you need to upgrade. You can’t top the build quality of an American Product. Please leave any comments below. Thank you! 

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