The 5 Best Coffee Tables for Small Living Rooms [BELOW $170]

COZAYH Rustic Farmhouse Cottagecore Coffee Table

Finding the perfect coffee table for a small living room can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task. Whether you’re dealing with limited space or searching for something that doesn’t break your budget, it’s no secret that buying furniture isn’t always easy. But don’t worry – I’m here to help! I’ve researched some of the most affordable and best coffee tables for small living rooms that are available on Amazon so you can rest assured knowing they won’t only look great in your home but also cost less than $170. Keep reading to find out which five options made it onto my list!

Best Coffee Tables for Small Living Rooms - COZAYH Rustic Farmhouse Cottagecore Coffee Table

I know what that answer is. You can’t sip your coffee peacefully, with the coffee mug in one hand, and on the other hand, you either juggle with the TV remote or newspaper. The best of a coffee table is its ability to multitask, which is realized by many people, only when their homes don’t have one. So, I guess that leaves you with no choice, but to get yourself one. 

5 Best Coffee Tables for Small Living Rooms (Updated List) 

1COZAYH Rustic Farmhouse Cottagecore Coffee TableCOZAYH Rustic Farmhouse Cоttаgесоrе Coffee Table (Best Overall) Best overall 
2Henn & Hart Modern Geometric-Inspired Glass Coffee TableHenn & Hart Modern Gеоmеtriс-Inѕрirеd Glass Coffee Table Built of high-quality materials that assure long-term use and stability 
3Rolanstar Coffee TableRоlаnѕtаr Coffee Table Table’s raise top also allows you to utilize it as a work area 
4Rectangle Glass Coffee TableRectangle Glass Coffee Table Stylish Coffee Table adds a contemporary touch to your style
5Tangkula Glass Coffee TableTаngkulа Glass Coffee Table, Modern Furniture Decor2-Tiеr Glass-topped-coffee table has a classic design and is bordered in stainless steel 

Coffee Tables for Small Living Rooms

1) COZAYH Rustic Farmhouse Cоttаgесоrе Coffee Table (Best Overall) 

Best Coffee Tables for Small Living Rooms - Coffee Tables for Small Living Rooms - COZAYH Rustic Farmhouse Cottagecore Coffee Table

With this piece of an outdoor coffee table, you can add a subtle style to your property. A truly magnificent coffee table with a natural wood tray-style finish and a white base, exhibiting a curved, sleek base supported on a solid and durable curved exquisite base; it is a one-of-а-kind piece. 

This is an absolutely necessary outdoor coffee table. This traditional table incorporates aspects of many types to compliment your current décor. It also so has a compartment in the tray design for drinks, remotes, books, and other items. More books, media, magazines, or décor can be stored on the lower shelf. Keep important stuff close at hand without sacrificing style. 


  • A single piece of coffee table 
  • Square in shape 
  • Features slatted tabletop 
  • Cutter saver 
  • Showcases еxсеllеnt craftsmanship 
  • Table height: 12 inches 


  • Easy to assemble 
  • Beautiful, sturdy, & well-made side table 
  • Lots of table top space to place additional décor items on 


  • Sunken design makes crumb clean up a chore 
  • The mate finish does not repel liquid 
  •  Undersized for typical coffee table
Best Coffee Tables for Small Living Rooms - COZAYH Rustic Farmhouse Cottagecore Coffee Table Customer Ratings Box

2) Henn & Hart Modern Gеоmеtriс-Inѕрirеd Glass Coffee Table 

Best Coffee Tables for Small Living Rooms - Henn & Hart Modern Geometric-Inspired Glass Coffee Table

The Henn & Hart Modern Geometric-Inspired Glass Coffee Table is a versatile piece of furniture. This is owing to its adaptable design, which allows it to be transformed into any table you can imagine. This coffee table is appropriate for period homes, mid-century design, modern interiors, Asian, and so on. 

It’s built of high-quality materials that assure long-term use and stability. The coffee table is also practical. Reading materials and other decorative items can be displayed on the lowest shelf. 


  • Hand crafted gold finish is applied to the steel frame. Tempered glass shelves. 
  • Clean with a soft, dry cloth; no harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning materials. 
  • Features easy assembly. 


  • Very high quality, sturdy table  
  • It looks very elegant and completely changes the look of your living room 
  • Table is sturdy, easy to put together and perfect for a small apartment 


  • Silver color is more like a dull gold and not at all silver 
  •  Price is high for self-assembly 
  • Several scratches on the metal and glass piece 

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3) Rоlаnѕtаr Coffee Table 

Best Coffee Tables for Small Living Rooms - Rolanstar Coffee Table

This table also has a raise top, which is popular among coffee tables, and comes in two sizes. It comes in four hues and is primarily built of engineered wood. This table’s ergonomic design comes to mind immediately. When the table top is fully expanded, the height is sufficient and comfortable for usage while sitting on a sofa without having to stretch or bend. 

The table’s raise top also allows you to utilize it as a work area without having to lean forward while working on your laptop. The table comes with a hidden compartment just below the top which is spacious enough for keeping useful miscellaneous items. It also comes with two lower shelves that you can effortlessly draw out and close to keep important materials. 


  • Clean with a Soft, Dry Cloth; No Harsh Chemicals or Abrasive Cleaning Materials. 
  • Handcrafted Blackened Bronze Finish Is Applied to the Steel Frame. Tempered Glass Top and Mirrored Shelf. 
  • Mirrored Glass Bottom Shelf 
  • Features Easy Assembly. All Tools Included with Step-by-step Instructions Provided for Full Furniture Set-Up. 


  • It’s very sturdy and heavy 
  • Great extra storage space 
  • Lifting lid as a raised desk for working on a laptop, reading, or eating is perfect 


  • Difficult assembly 
  • The lift arms are not very sturdy at all 
  • The color is almost almond rather than the gray you see in the product listing 

4) Rectangle Glass Coffee Table 

Best Coffee Tables for Small Living Rooms - Rectangle Glass Coffee Table

This stylish Coffee Table will add a contemporary touch to your decor. The table features a rectangular glass tabletop and an open bottom shelf, as well as a black metal frame with gold and brushed white color accents. 

With steel supports and a glass top, the Rectangle Glass Coffee offers an unusual modern design. The table is 23-1/2 x 39-1/2 inches and comes in three colors. The coffee table includes a bottom glass shelf where you may display décor in addition to its lovely glass top, and the metal supports make it a robust and solid addition next to your favorite recliner in your home. 


  • Black metal frame Lеgѕ 
  • 1 Coffee Table only 
  • Showcases contemporary style 
  • Black and brushed white accents 
  • Features glass top and bottom shelf 
  • Specifications: 
  • Dimension: W39.4” * D23.7” * H17.7”, 
  • Weight:45.8lbs, 
  • Weight Cарасitу:220lbѕ. 


  • Delivers on time and nicely packaged 
  • Strong and sturdy with easy 10–20-minute assembly 
  • The price is unbelievably reasonable 


  • Metal and glass shavings left on surfaces 
  • The end caps of some of the legs are plastic 
  • Way too small for some spaces 

5) Tаngkulа Glass Coffee Table, Modern Furniture Décor 2-Tiеr 

Best Coffee Tables for Small Living Rooms - Tangkula Glass Coffee Table

The glass-topped coffee table has a classic design and is bordered in stainless steel. Cups, books, and other miscellaneous items can be stored in the open storage of two layers. It’s simple to clean and transport. This glass coffee table features two shelves and boards that are randomly spaced. 

The oval design is modern, and the first shelf may hold your tea cups, flowers, and books, while the second shelf can be utilized as a storage shelf. It saves a lot of room and is simple to put together thanks to the clear instructions. 


  • Made of Beveled, Tempered Safety Glass Shelves 
  • Ships Ready-to-Assemble with Step-by Step Instructions 
  • Frosted Finish on One Shelf and Sparkling Steel Lеgѕ 
  • Specifications 
  • Dimensions: 17″ H X 38″ L X 20″ W 
  • Supports Up to 100lbѕ. 


  • Quick 5-minute assembly 
  • Very nice looking, chic coffee table, especially for the price 
  • Clean and modern 


  • Difficult instructions for assembly 
  • Package came horribly damaged, but glass was ok 
  • Poorly designed and doesn’t stay together very well 

Why You Should have a Coffee Table for a Small Living Room 

A living room’s coffee table is an important piece especially when you need a coffee table for a small living room. Not only does it bring the whole room together, but it’s also a necessary part of a functional living room. Your coffee table can hold drinks and snacks on family movie night, game boards on game night, and maybe even your laptop on those work-from-home days. 

What to Look for When Buying a Coffee Table for a Small Living Room 

Everyone has different preferences on what is important or not when deciding on a coffee table for a small living room, but we want to offer my opinion on the most important things that the coffee tables should have. 

Material and design 

Depending on your taste and needs, you must know what kind of material and design you are looking for. The main advantage of a coffee table is that, it comes in all shapes and materials. You have shapes like round, rectangular, and square. The round one is usually the most preferred by many homeowners, as it gives that look and theme. Wood is usually used to make these tables, but of late you can even find tables made from glass and steel too. 


Before you buy one, you need to know where you want to put it. If you have a large backyard, then you might consider putting it there. Some of you may like having it in your verandah as you can admire nature’s beauty in the morning over a hot cup of coffee. These days you can even find homeowners with more than one table in their homes. The whole idea is to relax and calm your mind before you leave for work. So, decide on the right spot to keep the table. 


All coffee tables are usually portable and small as they are meant for individuals. If you have your coffee as a family, then you can go in for a bigger version. The size should never matter as far as a coffee table goes, but there are coffee tables that are better suited for smaller living rooms. 

Whether it is big or small, a coffee table can come in handy in several ways. Did you need to know that this table is not meant for drinking coffee only? It is just as it is named so. Many people like to use this table to play cards, while women like to gossip around the table. 

You can even use the coffee table to put your feet up, when watching television. They come very handy as a show piece too; you can put a lace cloth on it and use it as a telephone stand. 

FAQs about Coffee Tables 

Here are some commonly asked questions about the best coffee tables for small living rooms:

How do I Choose a Round Coffee Table for a Small Living Room? 

In tiny living rooms, nesting tables with an oval or rectangular shape are ideal since their narrow width allows them to fit well in a confined space. Choose one that has rounded edges or none if you have children because sharp corners might be harmful. 

Is a round table better for small spaces? 

Smaller homes may find that smaller coffee tables save them room in their living areas. Just because your small coffee table doesn’t mean it has to be uninteresting! Decorative wood, metal, or glass tables are available. 

How big should coffee tables be in a living room?

In general, your coffee table’s length should be about two-thirds of the length of your sofa. Suppose you have a traditional three-seat sofa 84 inches wide, for example. In that case, your standard coffee table width should be approximately 56 inches long. 

Is it necessary to have a coffee table in the living room? 

A coffee table is required since it may be an essential piece of a room’s overall look, as it binds all the items together and is a fantastic way to fill space. 

My Conclusion 

Just because you have a small living room doesn’t mean you won’t be able to discover the ideal coffee table; there are plenty of possibilities. Choose nesting tables or storage ottomans if you live in an apartment and want to maximize your space. Consider a glass, circular, or acrylic table to fit your space if you have a bit more room. 

So that concludes myr list of some of the best coffee tables for small living rooms on the market today. Please leave any comments below. Thank you! 

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