The 3 Best Recliners for Tall People (UNDER $580)

Best Recliners for Tall People

If you’re tall and want to find a recliner that’s comfortable and fits your long body, look no further. I know how hard it can be for everyone above average height to find chairs, couches, and even recliners that fit our long bodies without sacrificing comfort. So I did the research for you and found the 3 best recliners for tall people on Amazon – all under $580 – perfect for homes with or without tall family members who need extra leg room. Keep reading to learn why these are my top picks!

Read on to discover stylish choices from well-known brands that provide superior comfort and ultimate durability – instantly transforming any room into the perfect spot for sitting back and relaxing!

Best Recliners for Tall People (UNDER $580)

1Recliner for Tall People CANMOV Lаrgе Pоwеr Lift Recliner ChаirѕBest overall
2YODOLLA Larger Lift Chair for Elderly, Big and Tall Lift Recliner with Side Pockets YODOLLA Elесtriс Pоwеr Lift Chаir Luxurious theater-fit chairs
3EASELAND Genuine Leather Power Lift Chair Recliner with Heated and Massage for Elderly, Big and Tall People EASELAND Genuine Lеаthеr Pоwеr Lift Chair Recliner High quality materials

The Best Recliners for Tall People Product Reviews

Finding the best recliner for tall people is a challenging task, as most models cater more to smaller frames. Fortunately, there are some options on the market that cater specifically to those of us who need a little extra room. In this article, you can expect to find reviews and info about three of the best recliners specifically designed with taller people in mind. These reviews will cover the design, technical specifications and features they offer, so you can choose the perfect recliner to fit your individual needs. Check them out:

1) CANMOV Large Power Lift Recliner 

Best overall 

Best recliners for tall people

With a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds, this recliner is suitable for both tall and big folks. Although most models with that kind of weight capacity feature dual-motors-, this model consists of a single motor and heavy-duty engineering combined with a sturdy metal frame to achieve that capacity. 

You can recline it to lay back or use the electronic power lift function to lift and tilt it to get out of the seat. This is a valuable feature that would be an asset to men recovering from an injury, the elderly, and anyone who requires additional help to get up. It has a back height of 17.7 inches which is relatively shorter than the back height of other similar models suited for tall folks. 

The seat can fit most body sizes and, at a height of 20.5 inches, is high enough to accommodate long legs. The seat, armrest, and back are upholstered with anti-skid microfiber, while the thick foam cushion is made of polyester and filled with high-density sponge for ultimate comfort. 

The side pocket serves as convenient storage for magazines and the included remote control with two buttons for lifting and reclining the chair. A power cord is provided with the package as well. This power lift recliner can fit in with most of your décor because it comes in multiple colors. 


The CANMOV Large Power Lift Recliner is the epitome of relaxation and luxury for anyone who wants to enjoy ultimate comfort while lounging at home. This amazing piece of furniture boasts a number of features that sets it apart from other recliners on the market.

  • For starters, its power lift mechanism is designed to effortlessly guide you from a seating position to a completely reclined one, providing smooth and gentle support to your body.
  • Additionally, its high-quality antiskid fabric ensures that you remain securely in place, while the overstuffed pillow design on the back, seat, and armrests offer the utmost level of coziness.
  • One of the most practical features of the CANMOV recliner is its side pocket, which is perfect for stashing essential items such as a remote control, books, or magazines.
  • Moreover, this recliner has been built to last with its sturdy and solid metal frame, ensuring that it can sustain a weight capacity of up to 300lbs.

Choose the CANMOV Large Power Lift Recliner and sink into a world of tranquility and deluxe contentment day after day.

What I like:

There’s truly something magical about coming home after a long, tiring day and sinking into the cozy embrace of the CANMOV Large Power Lift Recliner. This beautiful piece of furniture artfully combines comfort, convenience, and style to create the ultimate relaxation experience.

  • One of my favorite features is the power lift system, allowing me to effortlessly rise from the chair when needed, making it perfect for anyone with mobility concerns.
  • The plush, overstuffed design with its generously sized seat and supportive backrest ensures optimum relaxation, as if I’m being cradled on a bed of clouds.
  • The high-quality, durable upholstery material gives me the confidence that this recliner will remain an integral part of my home for years to come.
  • To top it all off, its sleek and elegant design harmoniously blends into any room, adding a touch of sophisticated charm.

Each moment spent in the CANMOV Large Power Lift Recliner is one of pure bliss, making it truly irresistible.


  • Remote-controlled power lift function 
  • High weight capacity 
  • Tall and spacious seat 


  • The back is relatively short 
CANMOV Large Power Lift Recliner - Customer Ratings

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2) YODOLLA Electric Power Lift Chair 

Best recliners for tall people

The YODOLLA Electric Power Recliner Chair victors as a luxurious modern recliner. Yet, despite its luxurious offerings, the product is affordable. Known by many users as a theater-fit sofa bested with an upgraded motor power lift.  

What sets it differently from other power lift recliners given its upgraded motor power lift? Stability. Durability. Trustworthy support. Elders are sure to give full trust on the YODOLLA Electric Power Recliner Chair. Further encased in an ultra-safe metal frame, the quiet-running motor does not easily rust and falter in the long run. The product also reigns in terms of breathability: 63″(L) x 35″ (W) reclining dimensions, 35″(L) x 30.8″(W) sitting dimensions, and a supple height of 19 inches. 

YODOLLA Lazy Boy Recliner is designed to meet your expectations. Modern and luxurious style color matching and a variety of functions to give you the ultimate experience. It provides you a comfortable private space when you are reading, watching TV or playing a video game.  

Upgraded motor and 2 button let you adjust to your preferred raised or tilted position more smoothly and safely without increasing pressure on your back or knees. Remote control can control the massage and heat functions for your convenience, 2 levels of vibration and heating functions promote healthy blood circulation. 


The YODOLLA Electric Power Lift Chair is a marvel of modern technology, designed to provide maximum comfort and assistance to users who need a little extra help getting up and down from a seated position. It’s been proven to me that this elegant piece of furniture boasts an array of impressive features tailored to make life easier and more enjoyable.

At the very core of this sophisticated chair is the powerful yet quiet electric motor, capable of smoothly lifting and reclining the chair with just a push of a button.

The plush, overstuffed padding ensures users can sit for long periods in ultimate comfort, while the side pocket offers a convenient storage solution for essential items such as remote controls and magazines.

The chair is constructed from durable materials, ensuring it will withstand the test of time, and the easy-to-clean fabric only adds to its practicality.

The unique, heat function allows users to experience soothing warmth in their lumbar region, aiding relaxation and helping to alleviate discomfort or pain.

With the YODOLLA Electric Power Lift Chair, I believe users can regain their independence and continue to enjoy the comfort and relaxation offered by their favorite armchair, all at the touch of a button.

What I like:

I love the fact that the YODOLLA Electric Power Lift Chair seamlessly merges an impressive array of features catering to users desiring optimal comfort, mobility, and style.

  • Its power lift function not only facilitates easy transition from sitting to standing, but also reduces strain on the back and legs, allowing users to experience a newfound sense of independence.
  • In addition to its excellent utility, the chair boasts an adjustable reclining angle for personalized relaxation, while the ergonomic design ensures proper alignment and support for the body.
  • To enhance the overall experience, the YODOLLA chair comes equipped with a handy remote control, side pockets, and even a built-in USB port for charging electronic devices.

The combination of these thoughtful elements aids in transforming an ordinary everyday task into something enjoyable and luxurious for me, making it consistently satisfying to sit back and unwind with the YODOLLA Electric Power Lift Chair.


  • Luxurious modern recliner 
  • Theater-fit sofa 
  • Stable, durable and trustworthy support on elderly 
  • Upgraded motor power lift 


  • Cup holders are not removable for cleaning 
  • Lacks instruction manual 

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3) EASELAND Genuine Leather Power Lift Chair Recliner 

Best Recliners for Tall People

As far as sturdy power lift recliners go, you can’t go wrong with EASELAND Genuine Leather Power Lift Chair Recliner. This electric power lifter is made with high-quality materials and can hold up to 320 pounds. 

It’s available in seven color options to suit any room, and includes a heat mode, as well as eight massage settings to choose from. The Faux leather finish is a breeze to clean, and gives this seat a luxe look that makes it appear more expensive than it actually is. 

With the EASELAND Power Lift Recliner, softness is the name of the game. Just one look at the chair is enough to get you excited (or sleepy) thinking about taking a nap in it! The overstuffed backrest is perfect for long days of relaxation and even ѕlеерing on your recliner through the night.  

If you come home after a long day needing rest or spend all day in the same chair, the EASELAND chair is there to deliver the comfort you need. Even though this chair is slightly more expensive than lots of your other options, it lacks heat or massage. The reason for this perceived price difference, aside from the superior comfort, is that the EASELAND chair uses a high-quality motor that outperforms other chair’s motors.  

It will move you safely, smoothly, and dependably- every single time. Many reviewers praise the comfort factor of this chair, and say that they appreciate the heat and massage functions. A lot of them also comment on how attractive this chair is. 


Discover the extraordinary comfort and functionality of the EASELAND Genuine Leather Power Lift Chair Recliner, designed to elevate your relaxation experience to a whole new level.

  • This luxurious and stylish chair is masterfully crafted with genuine leather, providing a timeless yet contemporary look that seamlessly blends with any home décor.
  • Its power lift mechanism allows you to effortlessly recline and elevate your legs, promoting improved circulation and optimum support for your body.
  • The chair is equipped with a remote control, which makes it easy for you to adjust positions to your desired level of relaxation.
  • The EASELAND also comes with built-in USB ports, allowing you to charge your devices while you unwind.

Enhance your personal oasis with the EASELAND Genuine Leather Power Lift Chair Recliner, and redefine the way you experience ultimate comfort in your living space.

What I like:

  • One of the things that I truly appreciate about the EASELAND Genuine Leather Power Lift Chair Recliner is the perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality it offers.
  • This chair exudes elegance through its genuine leather upholstery and sleek design, while providing optimal support and relaxation for the user with its power lift and reclining features.
  • The built-in USB port is a thoughtful addition for those who value connectivity and this chair truly understands its customers’ needs.
  • The easy-to-use remote control offers multiple customization options for various positions, allowing for personalized comfort.

As someone who values both style and functionality in my furniture, the EASELAND Genuine Leather Power Lift Chair Recliner has proven to be a fantastic addition to my living space!


  • Highly-reactive & heavenly quality PU leather 
  • High-density, stuffed up & oversized memory foam 
  • Strong bearing capacity 


  • Problematic USB port 
  • Limited heating and massage options 

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Recliner Fitting Guide

Best Recliners for Tall People

Trying to figure out if that new recliner will fit in your living room can be a real Pain in the Neck. But never fear, we’re here to help with our Recliner Fitting Guide! Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be relaxing in your new chair in no time:

  1. Measure the width of your door frame. You’ll need to know this so you can make sure the chair will fit through it when you’re ready to take it home.
  2. Measure the distance from the wall to where you want the recliner to go. You don’t want it too close to the TV or you’ll miss all the good stuff happening on the screen. And you don’t want it too far from the wall or you’ll have a hard time getting up out of it.
  3. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, measure the distance from the floor to the seat of the recliner. This is important because you need to make sure there’s enough clearance for the footrest when it’s extended.
  4. Now that you know all your measurements, it’s time to choose your recliner! Just remember, take your time, relax, and enjoy the process. After all, that’s what it’s all about in the end.

When it comes to finding the perfect recliner, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. First, you need to make sure that the recliner is the right size for you. A good rule of thumb is to choose a recliner that is about 10 inches wider than your widest body part. You also want to make sure that the back of the recliner is high enough to support your head and neck comfortably.

Finally, you need to make sure that the footrest is long enough to support your legs. If you follow these simple guidelines, you’ll be sure to find a recliner that fits you perfectly.

Here’s a quick comparison chart for the 3 best recliners for tall people:

ProductPriceWeight Capacity
CANMOV Large Power Lift Recliner Chairs$499.98300 lbs
YODOLLA Electric Power Lift Chair$444.99330 lbs
EASELAND Genuine Leather Power Lift Chair Recliner$579.00350 lbs

What are the Benefits of a Properly Fitted Recliner?

Best Recliners for Tall People

Sitting in a recliner is one of the most comfortable things you can do. It allows you to rest your back and legs while keeping your head at a comfortable level. But did you know that not all recliners are created equal? In fact, a properly fitted recliner can offer a number of benefits that you may not be aware of.

For instance, a recliner that is too big or too small can cause spine misalignment, neck pain, and reduced circulation. A poorly fitted recliner can also lead to muscles strains and joint problems. However, a recliner that is correctly sized and positioned can help to improve your posture, alleviate back pain, and promote circulation.

So if you’re looking for a way to improve your comfort and health, be sure to choose a recliner that’s the perfect fit for you.

A recliner is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can own. It can be used as a chair, a bed, or even a makeshift table. But in order to get the most out of your recliner, it’s important to make sure it’s properly fitted. Here are some of the benefits of a properly fitted recliner:

  • Comfort: A well-fitted recliner will be much more comfortable to sit in than one that’s too big or too small. You’ll be able to relax without feeling like you’re going to slide off or be swallowed by the furniture.
  • Style: A properly fitted recliner will complement your other furniture and home décor, rather than stick out like a sore thumb. If you have a small space, a properly fitted recliner can help you make the most of it without sacrificing style.
  • Functionality: A well-fitted recliner will be easier to use and more functional than one that doesn’t fit right. You’ll be able to move around easily, adjust the back and leg rests, and even use it as a bed without struggling.

When it comes to recliners, size matters. Make sure you take the time to find a recliner that fits you to properly. I say “Test them out!”

Top Reasons to Get a Recliner for Tall People

Best Recliners for Tall People

Recliners are an excellent choice for people of all sizes, but they’re especially beneficial for tall people (take it from me, I know being over 6 feet tall). For a start, tall people have unique needs when it comes to furniture and need more legroom than standard couches offer. Recliners come in larger sizes so tall people can find one that comfortably fits their height without their feet hanging off the edge.

In addition, recliners can be adjusted to the desired angle with easy-to-use reclining mechanisms allowing tall individuals such as myself, to stretch out more easily and stay comfortable even when napping or taking time for relaxation. There’s also the added bonus of being able to customize the level of comfort with cushions in various thicknesses suited to individual needs and tastes. With all these advantages, there’s no doubt that a recliner is an essential piece of furniture every tall person should own. 

Features to Look for When Buying a Recliner for a Tall Man 

Best Recliners for Tall People

There are certain things that you need to look out for when buying a recliner that will suit your height and provide you with the best possible comfort. These include: 

Weight capacity 

Check the information on the manufacture’s website or the product manual to find the specified weight capacity recommended. The weight capacity is different from one recliner to the other. It is important to get the right model that can support your total weight.  

Always consider going for a recliner that can hold a higher weight capacity than yours. This will allow for any weight gain that you might experience in the future thus giving you maximum comfort. 

Total length 

The total length of a recliner is measured from the top of the backrest to the bottom of the footrest. Go for a model whose length is 6 inches taller than you are. This will allow you to fully stretch your legs as you lie down giving you maximum comfort. As a tall person, stretching on a recliner helps you relieve tension especially where you have been sitting for long hours. 

Space available 

Make sure that you take into consideration the amount of space that you have in your house or office. If you have a small room, then choose a recliner that will fit the available space. Most tall man recliners open up backward siding out. This means where the space is limited, then they can end up hitting the wall.  

Therefore, as a precaution before making your purchase ensure to measure both the space and the size of the recliner. When taking measurements of the chair, make sure it is fully reclined. 


When it comes to comfort, do not compromise. The whole idea of having a recliner is to give you comfortable and relaxing moments. Some models can recline up to 180 degrees allowing you to set the right reclining angle according to your needs. 


Safety is an important factor that you should not overlook. Because of their moving parts, recliners present a safety concern. Check to ensure that the chair does not pinch when putting the footrest down. It can be a painful experience when you find your skin getting caught in the footrest mechanism.  

Avoid recliners that may have a big gap between the seat and the extended footrest as they may cause children or pets to fall through. Where the gap exists, make sure it is covered with material. 


Choose a seat that has the right cover material. This is because it affects the durability of your recliner. A good material should be one that is easy to clean and highly breathable. The most common materials that you can get are leather and fabric. They look nice and are low in maintenance. 

Most Comfortable Recliner for Tall People

Best Recliners for Tall People

If you are tall and in the market for a new recliner, then it is important to ensure that you have a comfortable piece of furniture that will support your body. The best recliners for taller individuals feature plenty of legroom with adjustable headrests, firm cushioning to support your spine, and wide seating areas. You’ll want to make sure that your armrests are comfortable, look for ones with high-density foam filling or gel inserts.

Additionally, when shopping for recliners for tall people, I’d like you to be sure to read customer reviews to get an idea of how comfortable their products are and how long they last. With these features in mind, you’ll be sure to find the most comfortable recliner for yourself or someone else in your family.

Should your feet hang off a recliner?

Recliners are a great way to relax and put your feet up after a long day, but should your feet hang off of the recliner? My opinion is actually a matter of personal preference, as it can be both comfortable and uncomfortable depending on the situation. Sitting with feet partially off the recliner can cause the bodyweight to be unevenly distributed, putting strain on certain muscles and possibly causing discomfort.

On the other hand, if done steadily with proper posture and support for the lower back, you may find that relaxing with your feet off the recliner can offer a soothing feeling. It’s important to consider your comfort level when deciding if having your feet hang off a recliner is right for you. It’s your call 🙂

More About Recliners for Tall People

If you are looking for more tutorials, walkthroughs and troubleshooting on recliners for tall people, here are some additional posts about these recliners:

Frequently Asked Questions About Recliners for Tall People 

What type of filling is used in recliner seats? 

Various types of filling are used to make recliners and they affect the comfort as well as the firmness. The most common one is foam, but you can find other models with coils that provide more support.

I am a heavier person. Which weight capacity would you recommend for a recliner? 

Recliners have varying weight limits. Depending on your weight capacity, you can choose recliners with a maximum of 250 pounds, 300 pounds, and other models have up to 500 pounds. Make sure that the model you pick has a higher weight limit than your total weight. 

Do I need a professional assembly after buying a recliner? 

This depends on the type of recliner that you buy. Some models require minimal assembly while others can be tough to assemble. Look for recliners that will give you an easy time when assembling. 

My Choice for the Best Recliner for a Tall Man is

As a tall person, finding furniture that is both comfortable and functional can be very difficult. The CANMOV Large Power Lift Recliner Chair is my top pick for tall people, as it is designed to accommodate heights up to 6’2″, which makes it the best option for me as the best recliner for a tall man. The chair also features a one-point release system that not only helps you with raising and lowering the chair, but also brings you closer to the ground for easier standing.

Plus, I found that its power recline feature gives you control over your siting position so that it’s always just right for you at any given time. With an ample amount of padding in the back and seat area, this lift chair ensures optimal comfort while helping to reduce back pain or tiredness even after long hours of sitting (and I do sit for long periods of time). All these features are what have made me choose the CANMOV Large Power Lift Recliner Chair as my best option!

Please leave any comments below. Thanks for reading!

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