How do You Wash a Weighted Blanket

How do you wash a weighted blanket? Can you wash a weighted blanket in the washing machine? If you’ve recently purchased a weighted blanket, you might be wondering how to wash it. Weighted blankets are typically made from special materials that require delicate care, so it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when washing your blanket. In this blog post, I’ll guide you through the process of washing a weighted blanket step by step. By following these simple tips, you can keep your blanket clean and fresh for years to come. Read on!

Care Label

How do You Wash a Weighted Blanket

Check the care label – most weighted blankets can be machine-washed, but some require dry cleaning. Weighted blankets are becoming more and more popular these days, offering coziness and comfort to help people relax or sleep.

But before you get too attached to that beloved blanket, first make sure you check the care label. While many weighted blankets can be machine-washed in cold water, there are some that need specific dry cleaning instructions instead.

This can save you a lot of time and effort (and money) so it’s important to take a few seconds to read the manufacturer’s recommendations first. Remember – not every weighted blanket is created or cared for in the same way!

Cold Water

How do You Wash a Weighted Blanket

Fill your washing machine with cold water and add a gentle detergent. An essential part of keeping your clothes clean is making sure to use the right detergent in the best way possible.

Cold water is the most effective for cleaning dirt and grime, which is why it should be used when filling up a washing machine. Adding a gentle detergent will ensure that your clothing or fabrics are not damaged from harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures.

It’s also important to read the label on the detergent to make sure you are using the correct amount so that your clothes not only come out clean, but looking and smelling great too!

Add Blanket: Choose Delicate Cycle

Add the blanket to the washing machine and set it on a delicate cycle. Adding a blanket to the washing machine doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. All you have to do is be sure to set it on a delicate cycle, as certain fabrics may not endure a more intense wash setting.

Whether you’re washing an heirloom quilt for safekeeping or some blankets for everyday use, knowing that the fabric of the blanket has been cared for properly will leave you with peace of mind and brighten your day!

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Drying Techniques

How do You Wash a Weighted Blanket

How to dry a weighted blanket: Hang the blanket up to air dry or put it in the dryer on a low heat setting. When you’ve just washed a favorite blanket, it’s important to treat it right.

Different fabrics can respond differently to either air drying or running through the dryer, so you have to assess for yourself which is best for your blanket. Air drying can be a slow and steady way of keeping your favorite throw in tip-top condition and should generally be done indoors, to avoid exposure of the fibers from direct sunlight.

If you choose to use the dryer, always set it to a low heat setting – this will help protect any delicate materials present. Whichever option you choose, taking proper care of your blankets means they’ll keep looking good and stay ready to package up lots of comfort when needed!

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FAQs About How do You Wash a Weighted Blanket:

Can you wash a weighted blanket in a regular washing machine?

Washing a weighted blanket can seem daunting and even scary, but thankfully it is possible to clean the blanket in a regular washing machine. It should be washed on the gentle cycle using cool water temperature and mild detergent, while being careful not to overload the washing machine.

Afterward, drying it on a low heat setting is recommended so that you don’t destroy the filling inside of it. While weighted blankets have many benefits for helping people relax and sleep well, ensuring they are regularly cleaned helps them stay fresh, hygienic and in good condition – which only adds to their comfort-value!

How do you dry a weighted blanket after washing it?

Cleaning a weighted blanket can be quite a challenge. It is important to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer in order to avoid damage. When drying a weighted blanket, the best method to use is air drying.

You can either hang it outdoors or indoors on a clothesline, making sure that the blankets does not drag on the ground. Another option is to tumble dry on low heat if your blanket permits it. Lay out your blanket evenly on a large flat surface and rotate it from one side to another periodically so that the weighted filling can be evenly dried.

How often should you wash a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets can provide immense physical and mental benefits like improved sleep, increased serotonin production and reducing stress. However, to keep it in optimal condition and prevent it from storing any dirt or dust, it’s important to wash it at least once a month.

Tips for washing include spot cleaning if needed, use cold water to wash the blanket, air drying over machine drying; which can cause excess wear and tear, in addition to adding a few old towels in the washer for additional protection against damage. Following these tips will help ensure that your weighted blanket gives maximum benefits over its lifetime.

Can you wash a 20 lb weighted blanket?

According to experts, it is possible to wash a 20 lb weighted blanket properly. In terms of how to wash a 20 lb weighted blanket, this type of blanket is made with tiny beads or glass pellets located between two layers of fabric. When it comes time for a cleaning, the first step should be to check the tag for specific laundering instructions left by the manufacturer. Since these blankets can be quite heavy, many recommend hand washing or using a commercial-grade front loader washer.

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How do You Wash a Weighted Blanket: My Conclusion

Washing a weighted blanket is easy to do as long as you follow the care label instructions. Make sure to use cold water and a gentle detergent on your blanket for best results. After washing, put your weighted blanket in the dryer on a low heat setting or hang it up to air dry. Do you have any tips for cleaning a weighted blanket? Let us know in the comments below! Thank you for reading!

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