Spring failure is one of the most general problems you encounter with a recliner footrest. You can quickly solve the issue using the suitable method and correct technique. One can use a wrench to eradicate the pins that clasp the footrest to remove the spring from the footrest altogether. You can then affix the new recliner spring to your footrest for more comfort and support. I’m going to show you just how to fix a recliner footrest.

Nowadays, recliner chairs are considered one of the most used household items in the home. This makes it inescapable that they might encounter a couple of issues during their lifetime. Here, in this article, you will learn about some of the different ways to fix a recliner footrest. Have a look at the guide below.

All about Recliner Chairs

Recliner chairs are a definitive solace in any living room. While you might think that all chair seats are bulky eyesores, there are huge loads of smooth, innovative, and genuinely agreeable choices. Although comfort and solace are top of the mind, the right chair can likewise be extraordinarily helpful in any home. Seniors can utilize the massaging highlights to ease back pain and aches. Mothers can track down the ideal situation to nurture their children, and parents can utilize its gliding features to rock their children to sleep.  

Different types of recliner seats are available in the market nowadays. One can easily purchase the right kind of recliner chair as per their need, comfort level, and budget. The recliner seats are available in different fabrics (i.e., velvet, leather, linen, tweed, and more) and various styles (i.e., traditional or modern), along with an assortment of reclining abilities.

These amazing reclining seats are suitable for people of all age groups. These are easy to use and set up. One can easily purchase a chair that perfectly matches their space and house decor. The chair comes with remote controls. Some chairs also contain an option to get a heated massage. Thoroughly check the features and specifications of the chair before purchasing so that you can end up buying the right kind of recliner seat for yourself.

Reasons for Recliner Footrest Malfunction

How to Fix a Recliner Footrest

Before we check the guide on how to fix the recliner footrest, let us first discuss some of the main reasons that cause this problem in the first place.

Some of the main reasons behind defecting your recliner chair are as follows:

  • The footrest issue is normally observed in old recliner seats. The old recliner chairs contain a loose footrest. There are two ways to solve this problem, i.e., to repair it well by using the right tools and techniques or to replace it with a new one completely.
  • The footrest problem in the recliner seat also occurs when its machinery is affected by rust. This problem can normally happen because of the humidity of the area where you exist.
  • Do not slam the footrest of the recliner seat too hard once or more as it can also cause a problem to the footrest.
  • The footrest of your recliner chair should be working without a hitch. On the off chance that it feels firm, you immediately realize that it has some issues. This can occur because of an absence of oil or lose bolts and screws. In any case, this issue can be fixed by following the below-mentioned steps.


How to Fix a Recliner Footrest

Some of the important tools you need to fix your recliner footrest are a screwdriver, screws or bolts, towel cloth, and lubricant oil. The first thing you really need to do is flip around your chair.

This will assist you with improving the view of the footrest and what’s going on down there. After this, properly check whether there are any free bolts, fasteners, screws, or pins. In the event that you notice any such thing, you want to either fix it or supplant it with new ones.

When you fix the screws, it should fix your problem. However, it’s always a great idea to apply a few lubricants in the bushings of the footrest. This will advance smooth development. Before you begin applying any lubrication, keep the towel cloth with you so you can clean yourself. It would help if you likewise utilized a bigger towel underneath the chair to forestall any harm caused to the floor. On the off chance that you don’t have a towel, you can use paper also.

You need to apply the oil in each bushing and joint that you see. This will assist you with getting rid of rust and residue. All such methods can help you in fixing your recliner footrest. Whenever you are finished applying lube, you should check whether or not the parts are working correctly or not. You can put and fix all the screws together from that point onward. Do not forget to clean all the excess oil or grease properly. Yet again, this ought to prepare your chair to use without any problem.

If the firmness is still there, then, at that point, it could be caused by a few broken parts inside. You should call a specialist or take your chair to a mechanics shop in such a situation. In the event that the chair is still under guarantee, you can get it fixed entirely without paying a single penny. It is smarter to get your recliner seat fixed by experts rather than doing more harm to your seat.

Ways to Fix a Recliner Footrest

  • If your recliner footrest gets stuck and is not working properly, don’t worry. Follow the below-mentioned guide to manage things well.
  • Flip it over to get sufficiently close to the locations of the screws’ underside and fix them utilizing the right instruments. Assuming there is a requirement for it, you can replace them however, utilize longer screws in this case.
  • Assuming that your recliner seat’s footrest is stuck in one position, greasing up, it will make it work once more. Flip the chair over; loose the screws that are joined to the frame at the footrest’s base. Secure the cushion of the chair with a cover so it doesn’t get dirty by the lubricant. Apply the lubricant generously to all the joints of the chair.
How to Fix a Recliner Footrest

An immovable footrest that likewise needs some changing can be loosening by turning the chair over and detaching the bar from the seat and ratchet. Take a look at the footstool to know whether it reacts well. In the event that this doesn’t work still, then, at that point, you might need to replace the old spring.


Ways to Fix a Recliner Footrest Springs

Whenever you utilize your chair, all the solace and relaxation benefits you enjoy come from the cushions and mechanisms. Very much like each item that has a functioning instrument, your recliner chair also has a spring. The springs will ultimately get exhausted with overabundance use or over time.

Do not worry if you face such a situation. All you need to do is spare some time and get the proper equipment to fix the issue. The instruments required are a new recliner spring, a customizable wrench, and perhaps somebody to help you. This is the way you fix this issue:

  • All you need to do is simply turn your recliner seat upside down. Properly locate all the bolts holding the spring with the help of a flashlight.
  • Once you locate all the bolts, the next thing is to remove them one by one. One can easily do this by making use of an adjustable wrench.
  • The next thing is to detach the spring from the recliner seat and have it positioned on the ground with its right side facing in the upward direction.
  • After this, eradicate the bolts that clutch the spring to the footrest. One can do this by using a wrench.
  • The next job is to tighten the new spring to the footrest.
  • Make sure the new footrest spring is properly attached to the recliner’s frame of your chair while tightening all the bolts correctly.
  • After this, place the recliner chair to its normal position. Do not forget to test it properly to ensure everything is fine and fully functional.
  • One can easily fix the recliner footrest springs by following the above guide.

How do you Fix the Bottom of a Recliner?

If your recliner has seen better days, don’t despair! With a little elbow grease and a few simple tools, you can easily give your favorite seat a much-needed makeover. The first step is to remove the old fabric from the bottom of the recliner. This can be done by gently pulling it away from the frame and cutting it into strips with a pair of scissors.

Next, use a screwdriver to remove the staples that are holding the fabric in place. Once the old fabric is removed, you can start attaching the new material. To do this, simply lay the fabric over the frame and secure it in place with Staples or upholstery tacks. Once the new fabric is in place, sit back and enjoy your revamped recliner!

In Conclusion

Recliner chairs provide great comfort to a body. It makes you feel light and relaxed. Different kinds of recliner chairs are available in the market nowadays. One can easily purchase the one according to their choice and requirement. The recliner footrest is an important part of its structure and is easy to use. However, it can get affected due to several reasons.

One can easily solve this problem by using the right set of tools and techniques. We hope that this article has provided a complete guide about how to fix a recliner footrest. Please leave any comments below. Thank you!

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