How to Fix a Recliner That Leans to One Side

How to fix a recliner that leans to one side

How to fix a recliner that leans to one side is not difficult to do. Individuals all around the world are enamored with their recliner chairs. They can give incredible comfortability, can have added features that upgrade the experience, and are in general suitable for many professional and home settings. Since there’s an abundance of recliner chairs that are reasonable for various purposes, a wide range of individuals use them, and they use them often. But what happens when your recliner suddenly leans to one side? Let’s find out how to fix a recliner that leans to one side.

After some broad use, your chair seat can take a beating. Thus, your chair might start to incline toward one side or the other. Assuming your chair is reclining to one side or another; this can hose your loosening up experience and should be a certain fire sign that your chair needs some fixing. Fortunately enough, fixing your recliner chair’s leaning issue can frequently be a simple fix!

Reasons Why Your Recliner Chair Could be Leaning to One Side

In truth, there are maybe a couple reasons concerning why your chair could be leaning to the side. Finding out the justification for why your chair is inclining can lead you to fix the issue plausibly. On the opposite end, a few issues might call for proficient help. Conditions working against your recliner chair, and worn out components and parts inside it, can prompt an inclining chair. These include: 

Weak Chair Frame

Normally, a bad design, and construction can be seen after the couple of first few times you sit in it. This is normally more normal of an issue with lower-end models that are perhaps made with less expensive material. More often than not, manufacturer guarantees are offered, so exploiting that as soon as possible would be suggested.

Broken Reclining Mechanism

How to Fix a Recliner That Leans to One Side - Look for an adjustment mechanism

In your recliner chair seat, there is a sliding casing that permits it to lean back to and from. In the event that any parts included in the sliding frame are faulty or broken, this could prompt a leaning recliner chair. This is often the most direct reason behind this problem. 

Uneven Floor

It is one of the common problems behind a problem. A patchy weight distribution, over time, can prompt an inclining chair. Assuming one leg or region of the base is more raised than others, the weight will be more favorably positioned in one region than another, causing stress on the components around there. New parts are accessible, yet migrating the seat as quickly as possible should be the primary course of action.

Required Tools

How to Fix a Recliner That Leans to One Side - Tools

Assuming you will fix your chair seat to prevent it from leaning to one side; you need to be equipped with the appropriate tools and instruments to take care of job. There’s a decent opportunity that you already have some of these tools at home, however if not, they can be bought at your neighborhood tool shop. The tools you might require are as follows: 


This is an exceptionally common household tool that you probably have in your home already, as it’s utilized for numerous reasons. With a screwdriver, you’ll be taking out screws that unlock joints and panels.


You’ll require oil to grease up rusted or old joints to make them fall off/move around more easily without any problem. This can either be applied in spray or drip form.

Wood Glue

Wood glue is more proficient than normal glue. It’s intended to keep intact objects with a strong adhesive and is many times utilized in construction surroundings. This glue can be utilized to reconnect solidifying wooden joints as well as wooden panels.

Steps on How to Fix a Recliner That Leans to One Side

As mentioned, fixing your chair seat from leaning to one side can be basic. In any case, you’ll in any case have to carefully follow some directions to take care of business proficiently. On the off chance that you follow the steps listed below, you ought to have the option to fix your chair’s leaning issue quickly! The steps include:

Step 1

Place the chair in a position where you can easily access the hidden wooden board. At the point when you do, loosen the screws on the panel, and the footrest if it’s affected.

Step 2

The next step is to remove all kind of coverings or upholstery that is hiding the structure in order to get an improved view.

Step 3

In this step, apply oil to any joints and springs that end up being rotten, rusty, or maybe creaky. Put a towel or paper on the ground to catch any oil trickles. Continuously wipe away all the excess oil.

Step 4

With your screwdriver, put back on any joints that were released or taken off simultaneously. Be extra cautious with joints close to springs. The last thing you need is for the spring to release tension from the coils and shoot off.

Step 5

Inspect along the edges of your recliner chair frame and the joints for any hairline cracks. Assuming you notice that any of them are broken, you’ll have to replace them right away. 

Step 6

With any part that you take out from your chair for replacing, make sure to clear out the area in which the part was. After you’ve cleaned the region, refer to the recliner chair’s manual/new part manual for additional guidelines during installation. 

Step 7

On the off chance that any wooden parts end up being broken or disconnected, they might possibly be fixed with wood glue. Additional help can be added with metal bracing.

Step 8

After all parts are working and attached, cover back up the mechanisms with the wooden boards/panels, and set the upholstery back down.

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Beneficial Guide

There are a few helpful rules that you ought to follow while attempting to fix your chair. These standards are intended to keep you more secure and assist you with taking care of job in a more effective way. Despite the fact that these rules might appear obvious to some, they are still nonetheless essential to point to. Rules while fixing a recliner chair include: 

  • Continuously secure joints appropriately and firmly after loosening or substituting them. Firm screws and joints will hold the seat’s components in place for longer.
  • Apply oil to any joints that are corroded and/or creaky to make them simpler to loosen and replace.
  • Use help to take care of job all the more securely. With assistance, you can easily move the chair around as required.
  • Continuously check for trash or stuck objects that might actually be the reason for your recliner chairs leaning or lever functioning issue.

When to Seek Professional Help

How to Fix a Recliner That Leans to One Side - Help

You may perhaps reach a point where you accept you’ve had a go at everything, but you actually really can’t fix the issue. As referenced, a ton of the time, the reason for your chairs inclining can be simple, making it a somewhat simple fix.

In different cases, the issue might be excessively outrageous for you to endeavor to fix it yourself. Prior to calling an expert, generally make certain to investigate it yourself first, to potentially save yourself some money assuming the issue turns out to be basic. In any case, you might need to call an expert to fix your chair when: 

  • You’ve already attempted to supplant a part that you accept was the base of the issue. Assuming control over the matter more might perhaps make more issues down the line.
  • You can’t pinpoint the reason behind the inclining issue at all. You’ve checked all potential reasons recorded on the web, yet you actually can’t recognize the issue.
  • You are genuinely unable to move around and inspect the chair by yourself.

In Conclusion

There’s no doubt in the world that managing an inclining issue in your recliner chair can annoying. At the point when you get home after a long day of work and exercises, you simply need to have the option to plunk down and relax in your favorite recliner seat without having to deal with any comfort issues.

Fortunately your chairs leaning issue can frequently be a simple fix that you can do all by yourself. Prior to calling an expert, make certain to check for any of the common reasons for inclining issues recorded above and try out the step-by-step process. 

Happy reclining! Please leave any comments below. Thank you!

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