Mcombo Electric Power Recliner Chair with Massage and Heat Review 

If you’ve been looking for a power lift recliner, you’re probably aware of the huge range of options available. In this Mcombo Electric Power Recliner Chair review, we examine all of the features of this powerful recliner to see if it is a good and trustworthy product for living a pleasant senior life. With age, muscle aches, knee or back pain, and arthritis become more severe. Seniors are more likely to have painful knees and backs, making it more difficult for them to get out of their seats.

Mcombo Fabric Electric Power Recliner Chair with Heat and Massage Customer Ratings chart

If the elderly do not have assistance getting up from their chairs, they are at risk. As a result, some of the greatest lift chairs for the elderly can be beneficial to the old. Lift chairs can help to alleviate joint and muscle wear and tear.  

Not to mention the incredible comfort that a high-quality lift chair may provide. Lift chairs not only give seniors with pleasant seating and standing, but they also ensure their safety, so you won’t have to worry about their safety.   

Mcombo Electric Power Recliner Chair with Massage and Heat

Mcombo Electric Power Recliner Chair with Massage and Heat Specs 

Dimensions:34.6″(W) x 30.7″(L) x 41″(H)
Weight capacity:320lbs
Back Height:25.6″
Required Back Clearance:16.5″
Price:$$$ (Check the latest price)
Our rating:9.6/10

Overview of the Mcombo Electric Power Recliner Chair with Massage and Heat 

This is more than just a chair. With USB ports, side pockets, and cup holders it is good for reading, watching television, and using your laptop. It looks inviting and comfortable. You can see someone falling asleep and taking a nap.  

You can also see them adjusting the position to watching television or reading a book. It eliminates a serious problem for seniors the ability to get in and out of a chair, which can be a big problem if they spend lots of time in the chair. You have one-touch control, which makes everything simpler.  

Mcombo Electric Power Recliner Chair with Massage and Heat Features 


Motor pushes the entire chair up to assist the senior stand up easily without adding stress to back or knees,  

Three position recliner 

The 2-роѕitiоn chairs; they can move anywhere between upright and tilted forward 45º to make it easy to get in and out of the chair. A 3-position chair, which can cover thе ѕаmе rаngе аѕ a 2-position chair, but can also recline almost all the way back to flat. The infinity chairs offer independent control of the footrest using a second motor.  


This Chair Comes With 8 vibrating nodes around the chair and 1 heating part in the waist area, nine modes, and five intensities are available. You can turn it off in fixed time, 10/20/30 minutes. (Heating function can be worked separately with vibration.)  

USB charging ports & cup holders 

The chair has dual USB outlets that keep your devices charging, and side pocket for small items within reach, two cup holders on both sides of armrests best meets your needs.  

About the Mcombo Brand 

MCombo began as an international trade organization for a variety of product categories in 2011. MCоmbо developed its own brand (MCоmbо) in numerous catalogues over the years, including outdoor sports, furnishings, salon and barber equipment, pet products, and so on. 

Mcombo is committed to giving top quality products to clients. The experts of the company genuinely believe that paying attention to clients is the most effective way to make awesome products. Bringing more value to the clients is the foundation and motto of this company. This company is registered in Portland, Oregon and allotment center in Commerce, CA, which helps shipping of products to clients with short time frame.  

Pros and Cons of Mcombo Electric Power Recliner Chair with Massage and Heat 

Here in this section, you will get to know about the advantages and disadvantages of using the Mcombo Electric Power Recliner Chair with Massage and Heat.


Mcombo Electric Power Recliner Chair

1) Comfortability  

It is a comfortable chair. The massage and heat are wonderful additions to comfort. You can determine the exact position you are most comfortable in sitting, reclining, and lifting.  

2) Reduces Back Pain  

It protects seniors from hurting themselves with back pain. There is no strain in getting out of the chair. This reduces the wear and tear of aging joints.  

3) Controls  

One control does it all.  


1) Defects Issue  

A small percentage of customers had trouble with the chair. All were within the warranty period. Verify the chair as soon as you get it,  

2) Not Compatible for all Sizes  

It doesn’t fit all sizes. This chair tends towards smaller people. Be careful with checking your dimensions. Look above at the detailed dimensions and make sure it fits your room. Then double-check before you purchase.  

3) Delivery Issues  

An even smaller percentage received the wrong chair model. Double-check as soon as you get the chair.

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Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews 

Here are some verified purchase reviews on Amazon about the Mcombo Electric Power Recliner Chair with Massage and Heat

Mcombo Electric Power Recliner Chair
Mcombo Electric Power Recliner Chair
Mcombo Electric Power Recliner Chair

Comparison Chart 

Here is a chart that compares the other Mcombo Electric Power Recliner Chairs:

Mcombo Electric Power Recliner Chair

Final Verdict 

The end result is straightforward. This chair will provide you with a great deal of pleasure, comfort, and pain relief. Given its superb quality, it will last a long time and pay for itself many times over. There is little chance of being unsatisfied if you take the proper measurements presented. Let us all do everything we can to keep our loved ones and those in our care as safe as possible. 

In Conclusion 

It is essential for people with more limited, decreased, or painful mobility challenges.  If you need help getting in and out of a recliner chair, then this product is for you. It can be age-related, or surgery, or a disability. If you spend a large portion of your day in a chair, then this product is one to consider. 

Mcombo Electric Power Recliner Chair with Massage and Heat

Mcombo Electric Power Recliner Chair

Great for reducing Back Pain

Easy to assemble

Good heat levels

They’re great when recovering from surgery as a challenge to get up out of a chair when you’re recovering. Also, perfect for the elderly as it takes the strain off of the joints when they’re getting up or sitting down. You don’t need to be elderly or disabled to enjoy this chair.  

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