What is a Geriatric Recliner Chair? – Details Revealed Here

Geriatric Recliner Chair

Geri seats are utilized in medical clinics, long haul care offices, for senior in-home care, by people who experience issues supporting themselves while in a seated position, and in rehabilitation centers. The seats are likewise useful for the people who are recovering from a disease or medical procedure. So what is a geriatric recliner chair?

Moreover, they are used for a wide scope of situated exercises which incorporate eating, sitting in front of the TV, writing, arts and crafts, reading, and during different remedial actives like art therapy, music treatment, or even physical therapy.

Family members and friends of clinic bound patients frequently use the comfort of the Geriatric recliner seat while spending a night in the hospital room with their loved one. This innovative chair provides outstanding comfort, convenience, and safety to people of all age groups.  

What is a Geriatric Recliner Chair

What is a Geriatric Recliner Chair used for? 

Most of the people have this question in mind, what is a geriatric recliner chair used for? The answer is that these recliner seats are helpful for those with mobility issues and can likewise be utilized for disabled patients who experience issues sitting upstanding in an ordinary wheelchair.

A geriatric recliner seat provides them with a protected and comfortable way for getting out of bed and partakes in a different change in view. While getting up and sitting in a seat can frequently be an uncomfortable and challenging situation to somebody who is laid up, a Geri seat can help.

Figuring out what is a Geri seat utilized for can assist you with tracking down the right one for your requirements. There are various kinds of seats and each gives its own advantages. 

Comfort and Support Level of the Chair 

While picking a geriatric chair for an elderly loved one, apparently the most important viewpoint will be comfortable and firm support. Keep in mind, since seniors for the most part have decreased mobility, they will quite often be sitting for longer timeframes as it’s vital to buy a geriatric chair that offers long haul comfort.

The vast majority of the geriatric chair seats are outfitted with Sinuous Spring Seating for extraordinary strength and support. Each Geri seat chair is designed with premium furniture-grade hardwood/overlay outlines for dependable durability year after year. 

Benefits of Geriatric Recliner Chair 

Here in this section, you will learn about the benefits of using Geriatric Recliner Chair. Check out the points below for a detail insight.  


Whenever put in the upright position, a Geri seat can be utilized as a comfortable wheelchair choice to move a patient around the office or home. On flat tiled corridors and over low pile floor covering, guardians and colleagues can easily move a patient along in the seat.

Numerous Geri seats are limited to the point of fitting through normal entryways and are maneuverable enough to be pushed through corridors or between rooms in a home. Nonetheless, it is suggested that one must measure the width of entryways prior to buying a model just to affirm entryway width accessibility. 

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When in an upstanding position, the Geri seat’s ergonomic contoured back will give both lumbar and lower back help, permitting patients to feel better and stimulated as they enjoy remedial exercises for longer spans. Numerous Geri seats have movable headrest and neck supports, while likewise utilizing a foot height feature that can without much of a stretch be retracted under the seat when the patient desires to stand up and progress out of the seat. 


For patients recuperating from some physical disease, injury or medical procedure, a Geri seat’s back can recline in differing degrees prompting a full lean back, helping patients into the most reasonable recovery positions for their unique situations. To assist with facilitating a patient’s inconvenience from moving from seat to bed, a Geri seat can likewise work as a temporary movable hospital bed.

Geri seats have an underlying activity folding table that can be utilized for eating meals, doing certain types of occupational and art therapy, or simply a spot to more comfortably rest the client’s arms and hands. 

Padding and Comfort 

Most of the geriatric recliner seats accompany varying levels of cushioning; however, you can likewise buy extra cushioning/padding to oblige the user as much as possible. The cushioning ought to be decisively positioned to assist with normal pressure points, for example, knees, hips, lower back, and neck.

Assuming you are purchasing the seat online, you will not have the option to test it out yourself to feel how great it is, however make sure to focus on user and look closely at specific areas of the seat. 

Cleaning and Maintenance 

The amazing geriatric recliner seat is easy to clean and maintain. Some of the recliner chairs contains a removable side panel. It is made up of amazing fabric and provides great comfort to the body. The removable sides of the chair enable users to make sure there is nothing getting stuck.

One can easily access the padding while cleaning this recliner seat to wipe everything down. Furthermore, this recliner chairs also come with antimicrobial upholstery. This amazing functionality of this chair helps in preventing bacteria buildup. 

Comfort Levels of Geriatric Recliner Chair  

Geriatric Recliner Chair

Geriatric seats accompany the capacity to be moved into two, three or even four positions. Concluding which sort of seat is best relies entirely upon the client’s habits and what they like to do. Assuming you observe that they’re happier with staying in bed a greater amount of an upright position in their seat, then you may not have to stress over getting an option that completely leans back.

Assuming the client is likewise ready to move from their Geri seat to a bed to rest, then, at that point, you additionally would have no need to worry about getting a seat that reclines all the way. 

Many seats additionally offer an extendable headrest that pushes the client’s head forward so they can look down while resting their head. Assuming that the individual you are caring for experiences difficulty moving their own neck, a seat with this position would permit them to gently look down so they could eat, read, or perform other important exercises. 

Look for all the important things before making a purchase. In the event the person for whom you are planning to buy this recliner chair like to peruse and eat in their seat, but they likewise lay down for naps and relax, then having a seat with four unique positions may be essential for you. Their utilization of the seat will likewise come into play.

Assuming they have extremely restricted portability and need to be in the seat for a longer period, having more positions would be valuable to alleviate pressure focuses that can happen after sitting in similar positions for expanded time frames.

Is a Geri chair a wheelchair?

The Geri chair is often mistaken for a wheelchair. However, there are actually some key differences between the two types of chairs. For one, Geri chairs are designed for use by elderly or disabled people who are not able to walk independently.

Wheelchairs, on the other hand, are designed for people who cannot walk at all. In addition, Geri chairs typically have elevated leg rests and arm rests, while wheelchairs do not. Finally, Geri chairs are usually smaller and more lightweight than wheelchairs, making them easier to maneuver around tight spaces. So, while the Geri chair and the wheelchair may look similar, they serve different purposes.

Geriatric Recliner Chair: My Conclusion 

Geriatric seats are an important product to buy for seniors aging in place. Particularly assuming the senior has restricted mobility or may be experiencing an illness or injury, a Geri seat permits them to keep up with their comfort while performing their day-to-day routines with dignity.  

Geri seats are also helpful to caregivers since it permits you to care for a senior effectively by wheeling them around, giving their meals straightforwardly on the appended tray, and serving to keep up with their comfort without any problem. 

It is important to check everything in detail before making a purchase. This article contains a complete guide about geriatric recliner chair along with its advantages. Read the content above for a detail knowledge and understanding. Please leave any comments below. Thank you!

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