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  1. As recliners can cost a lot of money, it is good to fins a site which speaks to the pros and the cons of purchaing different models. As is stressed, these are all approved by Chiropractors, but cost and function are crucial to consider when making a purchase. At times, we must sacrifice financial concerns in order to prioritize our own health. This could be one of those times.

  2. Thank you for sharing this meaningful article about the recliner. I am having serious backpain and have been considering the idea of buying a recliner for myself. However, I am little scared to buy this online as I always look for testing it before I buy it for myself. My question is-  do we have any local stores in Jacksonville,FL that are selling these types of recliners? Is there any website online that can help in providing more information about the local stores? What kind of recliner chair would you recommend when we have to sit for an extended period of time? What is the warranty period of these chairs? 

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