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  1. Hey Rob, loved the breakdown on the best times to buy! With two kiddos running around, I need something durable but comfy. Do you think the late summer sales would have good options for that? Or should I aim for a different time? Thanks for the advice!

  2. totally agree with hitting up the holiday sales. got my last recliner on a black friday deal and saved a ton. haven’t looked back since. those sales are the real deal.

  3. Interesting article, Rob. However, I believe the section on the best month to buy a recliner might need revisiting. From my experience, January and July are often overlooked but have substantial discounts due to new inventory arrivals. Perhaps this could be included in a future revision?

  4. Good stuff, Rob. This guide is a lifesaver. Moving into a new place and looking at furniture options can be overwhelming. Knowing the best time to buy a recliner now makes one less thing to worry about. Cheers!

  5. I get the whole timing for sales but don’t you think it’s also important to talk about the actual quality of recliners? I mean, a great deal isn’t so great if it falls apart in a year. Would love to see more on how to pick one that lasts.

    1. Exactly, Jen P.! Last time I got one on sale, the mechanism broke down so quickly. Said ‘never again’ to just going for the cheap options.

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