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  1. Hey Rob, great article. I was wondering about the age recommendations for weighted blankets. My son is 4 and has autism. Would this be something safe to try for him, or is he too young? Thanks for any advice.

  2. i never knew weighted blankets could help with focus. my niece has autism and struggles with sitting still for homework. might suggest this to my sister.

  3. Not convinced. How can a blanket replace therapies? Seems a bit stretched. Has anyone really seen improvements?

  4. This article provides such valuable insights! I’ve observed the calming effects of sensory tools in my classroom. Incorporating weighted blankets could be another step toward supporting our students’ diverse needs.

  5. Interesting read! Do you think weighted blankets could help adults with autism as well? Or are they mostly beneficial for children?

  6. Been thinking about getting a weighted blanket for my kid. He doesn’t have autism but gets really anxious. Sounds like this could help?

  7. Regarding the section on safely using weighted blankets, are there any studies to support these recommendations? It’s important that we base our decisions on research, especially when it involves our children’s health.

  8. Just wanted to say thanks for such a thorough guide. I never knew what to look for in weighted blankets before. Feeling more confident about choosing the right one now!

  9. Incorporating weighted blankets into classroom settings seems promising. I’ve seen first-hand how anxiety can affect learning. I’m curious about how other teachers might manage their use during school hours to ensure they’re shared fairly.

  10. This is Megan, and I’m delving into sensory aids for my next research project. Has there been any data comparing the effectiveness of weighted blankets to other sensory tools used by individuals with autism?

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