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  1. Great points on the best times to buy furniture! I always forget about end-of-season clearance sales, but they’re such a good opportunity to save. Thanks for the reminder, Rob!

  2. not all holiday sales are good deals. sometimes it feels like stores just mark up prices before the sale. anyone else notice this?

  3. For new product releases, is there a particular time of year that’s best for buying, say, living room furniture?

  4. On the note of negotiating, it’s interesting how many people don’t try this. I’ve read that furniture has one of the highest markups, so there’s usually room for price discussions. Has anyone had success with this?

  5. this article really helps. Wasn’t sure when to buy a desk but looks like watching for new releases might get me a deal. cheers Rob.

  6. I love the tip about signing up for email alerts! It’s how I got the best deal on our new dining table. Patience really pays off.

  7. does anyone have tips on negotiating? Like, how do you even start that conversation without being awkward?

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